Monday, June 1, 2009


President Obama promised Michelle to take her out for dinner and a show once the election was over. So after three private jets, two helicopter rides, extra plains for security and the closing of roads for their motorcade Barack Obama did just that. The presidential couple dined at the Blue Hill restaurant that specialises in locally grown dishes. Then off t0 Broadway where the couple enjoyed Joe Turner's Come And Gone, a play about a man coming to term with the history of slavery. Sounds like a good time to me. So what's up with all the hardware?
Well the president needed the use of three planes. One for the couple and two to ferry aids and reporters all the way from Washington. Then there were two helicopters, one to take the Obama from the White House to their airplane and another one to zip the party to Manhattan from JFK airport. Then the police were enlisted to shut down streets for the motorcade to pass through so they could get to their date on time. But do not fear all the transport and security costs were picked up by the White House. There is one consolation to this story, the presidential couple flew on a smaller Gulfstream rather than the Boeing 747 known as Air Force One.

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