Thursday, July 2, 2009


From the stoning of the Christian in Caesar's day of reign, to the cremation of the Jew when Hitler had his fame.
The slaving of the African those days not so old, and the supremacy of the Caucasian it made him feel so bold.
The atom bombing of Hiroshima, an era ushered in a new, defeat an entire country with just one or two.
Husane and his Republican guard still fit too be tied, oh and don't forget Bosnia with there genocide.
Man has become to civilized and killing is an art, just drop a bomb and fly away you'll never know his heart.
But if you had to face the man your eliminating today, you might find out he's thirteen years old and very hard at play.
Yes history does repeat it self and it's calling you and I, what decision will we make before it's our time to die.
by bluesbrown

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