Thursday, July 2, 2009


Fire trucks, old cars, people on floats,
Clowns, motorcycles, Shriner's in boats.
Mom, Dad, Jack and Jill,
Hot dogs, hamburgers, barbecue grill.
Homemade ice cream, peaches and cream,
Cane poles, little boys down by the stream.
Bunting and flags flap in the breeze,
Old uncle Buster with his famous sneeze.
Lipstick, short pants, halter top,
Baseball, swimming, soda pop.
Lawn chairs, coolers, cigarette smoke,
Lucy and Roger sneaking a toke.
Popcorn, peanuts, cracker jack,
Johnny and Steven fighting with Mack.
Pickups, dirt roads, riding with Tom,
Sparklers, black cats, cherry bomb.
In bed, lights out, oh what a day,
"Thank you God for freedom"
Is what I pray.
by bluesbrown


  1. Your writing is wonderful!! Have a great weekend.....

  2. You've somehow managed to capture the good and the bad. Also,you've given each strange different member of the family their own perspective. Brilliant.